Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. on every purchase above $350.

No. We DO NOT offer samples for free. However, we do provide very affordable little sample amounts for sale on our website.

No product names or the name of the website are mentioned on the outside of the packages for all orders, which are packaged very discretely in padded envelopes or envelopes with heat-sealed sachets inside. The interior packing contains all the necessary information. Important: A return address is not used.

- Payment Received: We've received your payment, so there's no need to place another purchase or do anything more. - In transit: Your order will leave the EU the same business day.

Simple as that. The order has been dispatched.

- Reship: Give your order a full business day (24 hours) to be reshipped.

No. All sales are final due to the nature of this industry. However, if you make a mistake, get in touch with us right once to cancel or change your order. We won't be able to change your order if we've already begun processing it. This rule does not have any exceptions!

Yes. A tracking number is always included with every order.

We provide same-day delivery, two-day rapid delivery, and four to five-day standard delivery.

We accept payments made with bank/wire transfer, western union, moneygram, and 10% off all bitcoin transactions.

The package is transported anonymously, so of course not.