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4CDC Research Chemical is a great new psychostimulant that falls under the category of designer medications. 4CDC Research Chemical produces euphoria and stimulates the body. It passes through customs without any conflict.

4CDC Research Chemical and any other designer chemicals sold on this website are only for forensic and research purposes. A psychiatric cathinone is methcathinone. 4-CDC is a methcathinone analog. 4-CDC has unknown toxicological and physiological characteristics.

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Handling and Storage


Keep a safe distance from ignition sources. Place in a cool, dry environment. Keep out of direct sunlight. Store in an airtight container.


Dust, vapor, moisture, or gas should not be inhaled. Avoid getting it in your eyes, on your skin, or your clothes. Only in a chemical fume hood should this be used.

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Our team, which includes doctors, masters, and other professionals with extensive industry experience, is dedicated to providing high-quality chemical goods to relevant companies and institutions, as well as research organizations, both at home and abroad. They can not only meet such clients’ specific product, packaging, and purity criteria, but they can also pass the manufacturing test from mass production to various phases of comprehensive requirements.

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3 reviews for Buy 4CDC Research Chemical

  1. Mack Velly

    I’ve been buying this product for many couples of months but after searching I got this site and impressed with its quality, price, and shipping. Thumbs up!

  2. Rub

    I recieved both; Crystal Like and one kinda wet powder, both were very high quality. Better then every other vendor I’vd buyed before. Great 5 Stars *

  3. jeanpiere

    Boutique sérieuse je recommande

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