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4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA for sale is sold as a white crystal powder at LegitCannabinoids. Since 2012, medicine has been on the market. Because of this, the drug is sometimes known as a designer drug or a new psychoactive substance (NPS). Designer medicines and NPS are both poorly understood. There is often little or no research done. As a result, there is a lack of understanding of 4MMC, 3MMC, and 3MMA.

4-MMC (‘Mephedrone’ or ‘Meow’) is remarkably similar to 3-MMC. That isn’t to argue that the consequences and hazards are the same. 4-MMC was banned in 2012, and 3-MMC was introduced as a substitute. Since October 28, 2021, 3-MMC has also been prohibited.

How many people use 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA?

How many people use 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA has yet to be determined. However, there are indications that usage is growing, and poisonings are becoming more common. It’s interesting how frequently growing use signals emerge from the same places.

In 2020, 8.9% of outgoing people surveyed said they had used 4MMC, 3MMC, or 3MMA in the previous year. Close to that was lifetime usage (11 percent). This indicates that most users have just recently used 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA.

Function of 3-MMC

When you buy 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA USA, the impact of 4MMC, 3MMC, and 3MMA last between 3 and 6 hours. The effects are similar to those of MDMA and cocaine. Users report feeling alert and pleasant, with no signs of exhaustion. They frequently require social interaction. They also have more self-assurance and, on occasion, increased sexual desire.

Risks of 3-MMC

In people who buy 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA online, the risks of 4MMC, 3MMC, and 3MMA have yet to be addressed. High dosages and usage in combination with other medicines or alcohol, on the other hand, clearly increase the risks. As a result, users of this product are their own guinea pigs.


4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA can lead to addiction. There hasn’t been any research done on the addictiveness of 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA yet. However, there are indications that the medicine is more addictive than other drugs. This is most likely due to a strong ‘craving’ that occurs during use. A strong want to consume or use more is known as a craving.


It is illegal to buy, sell, or own 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA. Since October 28, 2021, 3-MMC has been subject to the Opium Act. 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA is on list 2, implying it is a soft drug.

Why is 3-MMC not classified as a hard drug?

In May 2021, scientists evaluated 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA. The scientists considered the dangers. Because so little is known about medicine, this is extremely challenging. The result was that there was insufficient data to determine the exact magnitude of the dangers.

So there is scientific proof of the dangers of 4MMC / 3MMC / 3MMA, but not enough to make it a hard drug.

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