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5-cl-adb-a(MDMB-4en-P is intended for research purposes only and is NOT intended for human or animal consumption.


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The synthetic cannabinoid 5-cl-adb-a (MDMB-4en-P) has an indazole core and a terminal alkene on the side chain. It has a similar structure to 5F-MDMB-PINACA (5F-ADB). It is chiral in nature. Although the enantiomers have not been segregated in the laboratory, the S-enantiomer has been detected in samples. The chemical isn’t easily transformed into other restricted substances, and it hasn’t been assessed by the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence before. If you want to Buy 5-cl-adb-a online, contact Legit Cannabinoids today!

What are the Routes of Administration for 5-cl-adb-a (MDMB-4en-P)?

Consumption via smoking the chemical after it has been sprayed onto plant material or vaping it after preparation in liquid seems to be the most likely administration mode for 5-cl-adb-a (MDMB-4en-P) in humans. It has been discovered in seized smoking-related material. However, it is uncertain what dosage is required to induce pharmacological effects in people. At Legit Cannabinoids, we are available with 5-cl-adb-a (MDMB-4en-P) for sale. Order yours now!

What are the Qualities of 5-cl-adb-a (MDMB-4en-P)?

5-cl-adb-a (MDMB-4en-P) is metabolized extensively, as do many other synthetic cannabinoids. The parent product, unlike some other synthetic cannabinoids, has been discovered in genuine urine samples. In human liver microsomes, hepatocytes, and real urine samples, 5-cl-adb-a (MDMB-4en-P) was found to be the most abundant metabolite. For human cannabinoid type 1 (hCB1) receptors, 5-cl-adb-a (MDMB-4en-P) has a Ki of 3.26 nM. It’s also a complete and powerful agonist, lowering forskolin-stimulated cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) buildup (EC50 = 0.33 nM).

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