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Cocaine is an ester local anesthetic used in or through the nasal cavities for diagnostic and surgical procedures. Legit Cannabinoids has cocaine for sale at modest prices for all. If you are willing to purchase, then our online store is the right place for you. We will help you get this product in a short period.

What is Its Background?

An alkaloid ester is derived from the leaves of plants, such as coca leaves. It’s a local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor that’s commonly utilized in the eye, ear, nose, and throat. It is also abused and has powerful central nervous system effects similar to amphetamines. Cocaine, like amphetamines, affects brain catecholaminergic neurons by a variety of mechanisms, one of which is hypothesized to be the suppression of dopamine absorption.

What is the Indication of Cocaine?

To administer local (topical) anesthetic to the mucosal membranes of the oral, laryngeal, and nasal cavities that are accessible.

Mechanism of Action

Cocaine causes anesthesia by reducing nerve-ending stimulation or limiting nerve conduction in peripheral nerves. This is accomplished by binding to and reversibly inactivating sodium channels. The depolarization of nerve cell membranes and subsequent propagation of impulses along the course of the nerve needs sodium inflow through these channels. The only local anesthetic with vasoconstrictive effects is cocaine. Its blockage of norepinephrine reuptake in the autonomic nervous system causes this. Cocaine binds to dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine transport proteins in distinct ways, preventing dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine from being reabsorbed into presynaptic neurons. Cocaine’s addictive properties are primarily due to its effect on dopamine levels.


Cocaine is absorbed through the mucous membranes and the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. 60% to 80% of cocaine is absorbed by the oral or intra-nasal route.

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7 reviews for Buy Cocaine Powder Online

  1. Willington

    Very happy with service. Delivery was to Nz and arrived within 2 weeks.

  2. Danny

    Everything is as usual, good packaging and quality products. ket is not really that good to me, and I read some where here that they supply but ket analogs instead of real ket. Could this be the best possible reason? If so can I get much potent substitute?Eti and alpraz

  3. muller

    “Bin super zufrieden, Lieferung hat ca 10 Tage gedauert also keine Panik wenn es etwas länger dauert. Geforscht hab ich auch schon ein wenig, mit sensationellen Ergebnissen.
    Werde definitiv nochmal bestellen

  4. Andy Marley

    I decided to purchase this product from Legit Cannabinoids and, they offered me a cheap price. Thanks for the delivery of my package!

  5. Johny Son

    good product

  6. miles

    ten people tested it. their feedback was very effective and the duration was not bad

  7. Rocky

    I was VERY impressed with the entire experience. From the initial contact to assistance and advice on the administration, very professional and thorough.

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